a strategy, policy and communications firm

Creative Intelligence


Our mission: to engineer and orchestrate the best possible outcome in any given situation.

Your Global Strategic Partner. Strategy is the linchpin of a company’s investment thesis, operations, brand and identity. Whether you’re a startup or an industry incumbent, we’re your building and synchronizing partner as you construct a foundation towards success. Globally educated, multi-lingual and market fluid, we study people, cultures, technologies and systems. We are industry agnostic with experience across varying sectors, including:

  • FinTech (including cross-border payments & money transfers)
  • e-commerce
  • Privacy, security, data collection and management
  • IT | ICT | IoT
  • Healthcare
  • Cleantech
  • Education
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Media & Information
  • Transportation
  • Luxury & Modern Design


Clear and effective communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Content creation – negotiation – media training – organizational design – policy formation – relationship and crisis management. We are effective and discrete thinkers, doers, storytellers, advisors, advocates and ambassadors in any given digital or in-person scenario, in-house or externally.

Strategy & POLICY

Industries are shaped by history, values, customs, regulatory frameworks and geopolitics alike. We mold your company mission into a strategic position, cultivate partnerships, reach a desired audience and grow market share with dexterity and nuance. We are poised to build solid contractual frameworks; craft policy that protects, enables and sustains growth; and navigate the tough ethical questions that arise as technology eats the world.


With tactical discernment we craft unique processes and premier customer experiences. From the mundane to the extraordinary, everything counts!


For more information about our services, email: info@dumonde.co